Listening to Trees

In their highest boughs the world rustles, their roots rest in infinity’
Herman Hesse Trees: Reflections and Poems

A meditation on the changing environment of Bellsdyke hospital, read by patients and staff, inspired by recollections and a landscape architects ‘tree survey’ of the former Bellsdyke Estate.
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In the years between 1906 and 1911 teachers, excise officers, soldiers, clerks of court and foundry workers were amongst the hundreds of patients entering Stirling District Asylum for treatment and care.The breadth of these occupations indicates the indiscriminate nature of mental ill health but also reflects a long gone industrial and  agricultural heritage, within which the former Bellsdyke Hospital and grounds were set. Many of these occupations no longer exist and the industry which once set this area out as Scotland’s industrial heartland, has gone.

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Constellation #2 (sound and video improvisation)

From 6.30pm – 10pm on Saturday 16 January, Robert Baldock and Sharon Quigley will be presenting the second staging of their improvised audio/visual piece which uses imagery from the archive as is source material. These images are processed and modulated using the sounds of some of the industries represented in the list of patients’ occupations which can be seen here.

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